rm -rf /blackhat

Through a series of strange decisions I found myself on the way to Las Vegas over the same week of Black Hat, however, without a ticket to the Black Hat Briefings. This didn’t phase me in the slightest as I attended Black Hat last year and to be quite frank, I wasn’t impressed. This did raise an interesting question though: if I’m not wasting my time at Black Hat, what could I be doing?

This question was easily answered as just about every person I look up to in the InfoSec industry was heading to one place…BSides LV at the Tuscany Hotel. I’d never attended a BSides conference before and had no idea what to expect. How much are the tickets? How long are the queues for the talks? How much is the food and drinks? It turns out the answer is pretty much nothing to all of the above.

What I want to take away from an InfoSec conference is to have learned something, meet some interesting people, help … read more