d0x’n myself beats the “hello world” post

My name is Ryan and I live in Sydney. My history is extremely boring and full of horror stories from racist countries so I’ll skip to 5 years ago in a hotel room in Perth, shortly after I moved to Australia. I liked to call myself an IT Professional but in all honesty I was a Windows Systems Administrator for 13 years who discovered that you can actually make a living breaking into peoples shit….ethically of course!

I met a guy in a downstairs bar of a hotel I was staying in and after shooting the shit and finding out we both worked in IT he told me why he was there. He was performing a Penetration Test of that hotel and he explained his life of planes, hotels and laptops and  after showing me my first ever exploit, I realised I wanted…no…NEEDED to be him! I wanted his life and I wanted his sorcery! I can’t remember his name but if you are reading this, get in touch!

Long story short, I … read more